4 Niche Myths That Could Derail Your Course Success

Nov 17, 2023

Your niche or topic is one of the key foundational elements to nail in your online course business.

It's the beacon that guides everything from your marketing strategy to your content creation.

But often, I hear people express doubts about their niche.

I get it; having confidence in your niche is challenging.

Did I pick the right niche?

Did I niche down far enough? Too far?

I’m not an expert in my niche.

These questions and doubts are common and can be paralyzing.

These doubts, however, often stem from pervasive myths about niche selection — myths that can not only cause confusion but can act as complete roadblocks preventing you from finding any success.

Today, let’s confront and bust some of these niche myths.

We'll focus on the top four niche myths that might be holding you back from creating a successful online course business.

So, let's smash through them together.


Myth 1: Being Niche Means Being Limited

It’s a common fear: 'If I go too niche, I'll limit my potential audience.'

But here’s the truth – your niche is your superpower. Attempting to serve everyone often leads to serving no one effectively.

Niching down allows you to speak directly to a very specific type of person, making your message resonate more powerfully with them.

Consider this example: if my broad niche is health & fitness and I stop there, trying to help everyone, then my message becomes diluted. But, if I focus specifically on health & fitness for dads and business owners in their 30s or 40s, now that's a game-changer.

Imagine you are in this demographic. Wouldn't you be much more engaged if the message was tailored precisely to you?

It's about creating a focused, specific offer for a specific group of people, which in turn makes your message much more compelling and impactful.

Myth 2: I've Tried Niches; None Work

Meet the 'Niche Hopper' — someone who dabbles in a niche, makes a few posts on social media, but upon not seeing instant results, quickly moves on.

Does this resonate with you?

The key is patience and commitment. Giving a niche the time and effort it deserves is crucial for real success. Consistent application of strategies and learning from each are the true building blocks of progress in any niche.

Myth 3: I Must Be an Expert

"I'm not a world-class expert, so I can’t possibly teach this." Wrong!

I'm living proof. I've helped thousands with my piano course despite not being a world-class pianist. The focus isn't on being the best in the field; it’s about simply knowing more than those you want to teach, and learning to be great at guiding others from their current state to their dream outcome.

That's the expertise that counts.


Myth 4: What If I Pick the Wrong Niche?

The fear of selecting the wrong niche can be daunting, but it shouldn't paralyze you.

Every choice is a learning opportunity. The real misstep is inaction.

The surest path to failure is being so overwhelmed by fear of the wrong choice that you end up not making any choice at all.

My role here is to guide you toward making informed niche choices. There are no absolute guarantees – the journey involves experimentation, learning, and adapting.

Let me share a personal experience from when I started ‘The Online Course Guy’ in 2017. I had an established audience for Piano In 21 Days, but not for the new brand, which was a completely different niche. My initial attempt to launch an OCG product to my piano audience was a failure. Why? Because I was presenting a dream outcome to an audience that didn’t align with it.

This experience was crucial. It taught me the importance of matching the right message with the right audience, a lesson that has been invaluable in my journey. It's about learning, correcting course, and moving forward.



These myths are not just false beliefs but barriers preventing you from unlocking your true potential in your online course business.

By understanding and overcoming them, you’re setting yourself up for success. Remember, the right niche, a dedicated approach, and the willingness to adapt are your tickets to success in this exciting journey.

I'm rooting for you.


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