3 World-Class Programs to Align with Your Unique Path & Goals


Genesis Courses

Who's it for

Those taking their first steps into the world of online courses, seeking a fool-proof path to set up and launch a thriving course business.

How it works

Build a profitable online course business... from the beginning. With Jacques as your guide, you'll move seamlessly from pinpointing your niche to building your audience, crafting your unique offer, and launching your course. It's your entire business blueprint.

What you'll get

  • Step-by-step Training. Get confidence and clarity by following Jacques' proven "Genesis Courses" training program broken down into manageable tasks and clear milestones.

  • Personalized Roadmap & Feedback. Submit your work to an OCG coach for feedback so you can ensure you properly apply the frameworks for your business.

  • Insights from Jacques. Exclusive monthly live Q&A sessions with Jacques that help you tackle challenges and leverage opportunities.

  • Time-saving Tools. Pre-written email scripts and page templates that help you accelerate your path to profitability.


Next Level Coaching

Who's it for

Established course creators earning a minimum of $1,000/month, seeking a clear roadmap to scale their income to 5 or 6 figures monthly.

How it works

Embark on a 12-month mentorship experience with an expert from Jacques' handpicked team, providing clarity and direction to upscale your business. Leverage their insights to not only grow your revenue but also reclaim your precious time, focusing on what truly matters to you.

What you'll get

  • Step-by-step Next-Level Training. Leverage a field-tested, step-by-step framework to hit those 5 or 6-figure monthly revenue goals consistently. Jacques' "Next Level Course Business" training program will help you graduate from just getting by to truly thriving.

  • Personalized Growth Strategy. Receive in-depth, actionable reviews from OCG coaches that aren’t just insightful—they’re instrumental to your business's exponential growth.

  • Insights from Jacques. Exclusive live Q&A sessions with Jacques will help you tackle the unique challenges and opportunities established course creators face.

  • Cutting-Edge Strategies. Monthly "What's Working Now" Workshops with Jacques and other industry experts keep you ahead of the curve, providing actionable strategies you can implement immediately.

  • On-Demand Coaching. Your business doesn’t operate just 9-to-5, so why should your support? Enjoy anytime access to your personal OCG coach via email and Voxer for real-time guidance.

  • Quarterly Business Audits. Ensure your business stays on track with quarterly assessments that realign your goals and gauge your performance, ensuring you're not just running but sprinting toward success.

  • Everything from Genesis Courses. Perfect your fundamentals as you scale, ensuring you're building on a rock-solid foundation.

OCG Mastermind

Who's it for

Top-tier course creators who have already achieved remarkable success, earning at least $100,000 yearly profit. If you're looking to connect, collaborate, and elevate with like-minded individuals driven to push the boundaries of their online course businesses, this exclusive mastermind is designed for you..

How it works

The OCG Mastermind isn't just another program; it's an invitation to join a selective community of five absolute A-players. Together, you'll drive each other towards greater heights, share invaluable insights, and collaborate on advanced strategies. While Jacques will provide personalized coaching and goal-setting assistance, the true magic of this mastermind lies in the synergy between its exclusive members.

What you'll get

  • All the benefits and features of Next Level Coaching, enhanced by the collective intelligence of a focused mastermind group.
  • Personalized coaching from Jacques, aimed to harness the collective energy of the group and guide your journey to even greater success.
  • Exclusive in-person events that provide an unparalleled opportunity to network, share ideas, and forge lasting relationships with other high-level course creators in the mastermind.

Unleash the Power of Collective Success

Joining the OCG Mastermind is more than just gaining access to expertise; it's about building a community that thrives on collaboration, innovation, and ambition. Here, you're not just a student; you're an essential part of a team destined for greatness.