How To Successfully & Profitably Onboard Your Customers

Jun 06, 2024

Getting the sale is a huge milestone and the core of your course business.

But it’s just the beginning. If you want to build a long-term profitable course business…

You must ensure your customers get everything you promised (and more)…

Thereby turning them into recurring buyers and/or your brand ambassadors.

Fail to deliver on your promises and create an inadequate user experience, and you’ll lose your customers. Or worse — get negative reviews and word-of-mouth press.

Today, I want to show you how to avoid this scenario…

And create an effective onboarding setup that lays the groundwork for building a long-term relationship with your customer…

While ensuring they get the most out of your course.

Let’s dive into it.


How To Optimally Deliver Everything In Your Offer

You have to deliver EVERYTHING your sales page promised as soon as someone signs up…

And do so in a way that makes it easy for your customers to navigate and consume your course. 

Here’s a four-question checklist you can use to ensure this happens:

1. Are all your courses & products included?

And I mean everything. Additional bonuses, videos, interviews, mini-courses, etc.

If you mention something in your pitch — make sure you include it.

And make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for.

2. Are all documents, downloadables, etc., included?

You wouldn’t believe how many course lessons mention an additional resource/PDF is attached to the lesson…

But, in reality, there’s nothing.

This is a huge credibility killer. Sure, someone may ask you to provide the resource…

But for one person who does this, count on at least 10 to stay silent and less than satisfied.

3. Are you ready to fulfill any interaction you promised?

If you promised a weekly live Q&A — make sure you’re all set up for that.

If you’re offering some sort of community, Facebook group, etc., — ensure it’s ready for your new customers to access and flawlessly use immediately after signing up.

If you said people can reach you via email — provide your address in an impossible-to-miss fashion.

Also, if you say you’re checking your emails personally — live up to the promise. Nothing kills a relationship like getting automated responses when you’re expecting personalized attention.

In a nutshell, whatever interaction you promised, you have to be ready to offer. 

And ready isn’t enough — make the experience as astonishing as possible.

4. Do your customers have everything it takes to get the most out of your course?

The best way to ensure this is the case is by creating a 1-on-1 mini course training on how to use your course and everything you offer.

Now, the actual implementation of this idea depends on your niche…

But the gist is giving students everything they need to instantly understand how to navigate, use, and consume your course. 

I do this for all my coaching programs. Here’s how it looks inside my Genesis course:

Go through this list before you publish your course so you’re 100% sure you’re all set up to deliver on all your promises. 

Also, revisit it periodically to ensure you’re still doing everything as planned…

And that any extras you add are implemented.


Set Up Post-Purchase Emails That Drive Consumption And Keep The Relationship Alive

This is called a “fulfillment sequence.” And it can be crucial for getting people to use your course, garnering feedback, and even turning customers into fans.

Yet, you don’t have to do anything fancy. Or write a ton of emails.

In fact, only two are a must. 

The first email should go out as soon as someone signs up. Again, nothing fancy…

Just welcome people, let them know you’re there for any questions, and show them exactly how to access your course.

Then, the second email can go out 30 days after the purchase. In it, you check in with customers and ask them about their experience with your course.

Have they even logged in? Was there tangible progress? Any hiccups?

I like to make this email funny & casual. But you can do whatever fits your brand as long as you stick to the core idea:

Getting people to share what they got out of your course.

Now, you can add some more emails to your fulfillment sequence. Like more info about particular lessons, additional material, etc.

It all depends on how you want to develop your relationship with your customers. 

And remember, deliverability and interactions are always higher when you’re emailing people about a product they have and can use.


Craft Welcome Videos That Help You Instantly Bond With Your Customers

This is something I go on and on about because it makes a real difference relationship-wise…

And requires only a little time investment on your end.

All you need to do is ensure each customer who signs up for your course receives a PERSONAL video welcoming them to the program.

This doesn’t mean creating custom scripts or anything. All it takes is greeting people by name (and surname if you know it).

I’ve made  5,000+ such videos for both “OGC” courses and my “Piano In 21 Days” course. It’s just a 12-second video where I call people out by name and wish them good luck. 

That’s it.

Yet, since I started doing this, refund rates went down…

And success rates went up.

You wouldn’t believe how happy and honored my students feel when they get a personal message from an expert they are about to learn from. It just moves the relationship to a whole new level.

One you should strive to reach to do.

Now, you can use any screen recording software to create this welcome message. But I love using Bonjoro.

It’s easy to set up and automate. Plus, there’s a free version, and the paid one isn’t too pricey either.



If you want to build a loyal customer base and ensure students actually use your course to get to the outcomes you promise…

Your onboarding process should be their guide to both success and gaining confidence in you & your methods.

Here's to using the above tips to create an onboarding setup that gives your customers everything they need to succeed…

While ensuring their experience with your course and business is impeccable…

Leading to great reviews, more purchases, and new customers.

I'm rooting for you.