How To Create A Vision That Drives Both You And Your Business

Jun 13, 2024

You don’t get into a car without knowing where you’re going.

Similarly, you don’t start building a business without having a clear vision of what you want to create…

And how your life will be better because of it.

So many course creators are unhappy and/or unprofitable because they are driving their business in an unknown direction…

Without knowing what they’re trying to hit.

Today, I want to show you how to avoid such a fate. And how to build a vision that gives you clear goals to follow…

Along with ways to unambiguously check if you’re on the right path.

Let’s dive into it.


How To Set Goals That Pave The Way To Living Your Dream Life

Check out the image below and start with the square on the right:

Yes, I know that’s far off and completely abstract. But it’s instrumental to think about it so you know what you’re striving for.

What does your personal life look like 10 years from now?

How about your business?

Next, you bring things closer with the middle square and your 3-year vision. 

That’s what this article focuses on because it’s a great time frame for two reasons:

Firstly, it’s long enough for you to be able to affect a lot of the things that determine where you’ll be in three years. 

In other words, it’s far out enough to create extreme change. 

But secondly, it’s close enough so you don’t look at it as something completely abstract. And too distant to do more than just think about.

Once you nail down your 3-year vision, you go back to the left square. And set goals for this year that ensure you’re on track to hitting your vision. 

Then, you break it down further so you have clear steps to follow and tasks to do IMMEDIATELY:

In your quarterly strategic sprints, you set and take time to check on your 3-month goals.

Then, you break those into monthly reviews. These ensure you can refocus your efforts on time if needed.

Your weekly goals are purely tactical. And you’ll set daily tasks you need to execute to ensure these are met. 

In a nutshell, you go backward to set your goals and know what you strive for.

But then, each segment drives to the next, and daily execution finally leads to reaching your vision & dream life.

Look at it this way, and you see just how crucial it is to execute the right things each day…

So you can get to your 3-year vision and 10-year dream life.

But you won’t focus on the right things if you don’t know where you want to go.

That’s why you should define your vision first and think about what YOU want from your business…

And how it would affect your quality of life.

So, let me show you how to draw a path straight to your vision…

And avoid doing things today that lead you far away from where you actually want to be.


How To Define Your Vision And Chart A Course To It

Way too many entrepreneurs equate their personal and business vision…

And end up with a hustle and not-so-happy life.

Don’t make the same mistake. Instead, view your business vision as a vehicle to achieving your personal vision. 

Look, in essence, we all start our businesses to serve our personal interests, goals, and vision. But somewhere along the road, we lose sight of this fact…

And start acting like our business is us.

It’s not. 

I’m not saying your business vision isn’t important. It is.

The gist is to ensure that your business vision ends up serving your personal one. 

Let me give you the tools to do that.


Define Your Personal Vision

Open up a spreadsheet or a piece of paper and complete the following exercise (which all my private coaching students go through):

Remember to think 3 years in advance. And try to be as detailed as possible (some people even include graphics 😊)

The more precise you are, the easier it is to clearly define where you want to be…

And what you should do to get there.


Define Your Business Vision

Open up another spreadsheet or get a new piece of paper and fill in the following:

You can use the “We help (insert who) do (insert what) for the one-liner. Or whatever you see fit.

Also, remember you’re thinking about 3 years from now. So, don’t limit yourself to current teammates, operations, environment, results you want to accomplish for your student & yourself, etc.

Take the time to think ahead and define where you want your business to be…

While seeing how it all fits your personal vision.


An Example To Reference When Defining Your Business Vision

I recognize the exercises above can sound a bit abstract. And that you may have additional questions on how to do them properly.

That’s why I’m sharing how I filled out the vision exercise for my Piano In 21 Days course business, usually reserved for my private coaching students only.

So, if you want to access my business vision — it’s here for you.

But don’t just copy or replace “piano” with your niche. Do the actual work, and use the example as thinking guidance only.

Then, use what you come up with to define one-year goals, quarterly sprints, monthly reviews, weekly tactical goals, and finally, daily tasks to execute.

Take as much time as you need to ensure all these fit together and lead you to where you want to be.



If there's one thing you must do BEFORE putting your course business idea in motion, it's creating a clear vision.

Because when you know what you're after and how to check if you're getting there…

You can put every resource toward accomplishing your goals and desires…

And stop wasting time swimming in the dark or chasing things other people say you should want.

Here's to using this article and the methods I showed you to define a clear personal vision…

And to ensure your business one lays the groundwork for it becoming a reality.

I'm rooting for you.