How To Always Overdeliver And Improve Customer Retention

Mar 14, 2024

Yes, the gist is creating an easy-and-enjoyable-to-consume course that offers a beaten path to the transformation your market wants.

And adding valuable bonuses to make reaching the desired outcome feel even easier or faster. (Just make sure the bonuses aren’t overwhelming and don’t feel like extra work, which is a common mistake).

For most course creators, even the top-tier ones, the story ends there. They set up smooth funnels that ensure the right traffic reaches an irresistible offer…

And the sales roll in.

But there’s something extra you can do to get even better results. A cherry on top that boosts relatability and helps form a more intimate relationship with your customers:

The so-called lagniappe (pronounced LAN-YAP).

Don't worry, it's perfectly normal if you've never heard the word. The only reason I have is it's down here in South Louisiana we use it a lot when we want to say "a little something extra."

In business, lagniappe is a small gift you don’t mention anywhere in your funnel. It’s a complete and utter surprise that shows the customer how much you value them personally…

And how you went out of your way to ensure they reach the outcome your course promises. 

Today, I want to show you how to create lagniappe that provokes such a reaction. And helps you stand out from the crowd while laying the foundation for creating an unshakeable bond with your customers.

Let’s dive into it.


Creating Lagniappe That’s A Perfect Fit For Your Offer & Target Audience

Think of ordering a dozen donuts and getting a 13th for free. Or a restaurant bringing you a free appetizer before your meal.

That’s lagniappe. A little something extra that can make a huge difference in perceiving the value of the offer.

For an online course business, good lagniappe is something that helps you overdeliver… 

Without a ton of effort or expense on your end.

To figure out what kind of lagniappe would fit your business, ask yourself this:

Once somebody buys your course, what’s something you can include that they weren’t even aware would be a part of the offer…

But can be super helpful and/or make them feel valued & special. 

A good tactic for answering this question could be to look back at some bonuses you were considering but never included. Perhaps you can find something that wouldn’t help get someone to buy…

But still had value that people wouldn’t be able to realize they need before purchasing.

Another example of good lagniappe can be offering some extra support in terms of 1-on-1 coaching if your course lends itself to it. So, you never mention anywhere in your offer there’s a one-on-one coaching call…

But you reveal the option inside the program or offer it to folks individually when it’s clear that could really benefit from it.

Look, these are just a couple of ideas. When it comes to lagniappe, your imagination is the limit, really. If you sit down and think about it, there must be at least a couple of opportunities to add that little something extra.

But even if you absolutely can’t think of anything or the things you have in mind would be too much of a hurdle to create… 

Your lagniappe can still be amazing.

Something that virtually any course creator can do. Let me explain.


The Needle-Moving Lagniappe Everyone Can Create

It’s simple, really:

When somebody signs up for your course, you send them a very short but PERSONAL video welcoming them to the program.

When I say personal, I mean greeting each customer by name in the video. You don’t need to have a personalized script for every single person…

But you should at least throw in a personal greeting.

Welcome videos are something I’ve done for many years for my “Piano In 21 Days” course. And I do it for OGC too. Heck, I’ve sent over 5,000 of these. 

And look, my videos are just 12 seconds long. I call people out by their name and wish them good luck. 

That’s it.

Yet, doing this little thing has proven to be a real differentiator. Refund rates went down, and success rates went up. People are simply blown away that I’d take the time to do this instead of leaving it all to automations. 

You wouldn’t believe how happy and honored both my OGC and Piano In 21 Days students feel when they get a personal message from an expert they are about to learn from. It just moves the relationship to a whole new level. One every course creator should strive to reach.

A personal touch means a lot in this age of automations and AI. Don’t forget that.

In a nutshell, remember how I said good lagniappe ensures customers feel special and like you’re in their corner? 

That’s exactly the emotion and feeling your welcome video should convey.

(Quick Tip: I use Bonjoro to make these welcome videos. There’s a free version and the paid one isn’t too pricey either.)



Thoughtful lagniappe can do wonders for building a long-term relationship with your customers and showing them you care. And aren’t anything like the standard course gurus out there.

Yet, it can be as simple as making a 12-second video. Or repurposing a bonus you didn’t include in the core offer. 

If you truly understand your offer and audience — figuring out what type of lagniappe will do the trick won’t be a problem.

So, here’s to creating one that’s easy to deliver but makes a tangible difference in customer retention.

I’m rooting for you.