How To Create Conversion-Boosting Bonuses

Apr 04, 2024

Sure, you don’t NEED to have bonuses for your course to be a smashing success. But adding one or more that your target audience perceives as super valuable…

Can do wonders for your conversion rates.

But the main differentiator between amazing and “meh” bonuses isn’t just the extra value. It’s the ability to clearly show prospects how they can reach the outcome/transformation your course promises quicker & easier.

Today, I want to show you a step-by-step method for creating bonuses that do just this…

And serve as that much-needed extra nudge for making the buying decision.

Let’s dive into it.


The Best Starting Point For Creating Needle-Moving Bonuses

Most course creators view bonuses as a way to add extra compelling features or benefits. And sure, you can create pretty valuable ones with these goals as beacons.

But if you want to have bonuses that touch just the right nerve with your prospects, there’s only one place to start from:


Look, no matter how good and all-encompassing your core offer is…

People will still have objections. 

And if your bonuses can remove the main ones prospects have when debating whether to sign up for your core product…

You’ll make the decision to click on the enroll button a heck of a lot easier.

Yes, I realize all this sounds good, but is still just theory. So, let me show you a step-by-step process for turning objections into compelling bonuses. 


How To Turn Your Prospects’ Biggest Buying Objections Into Conversion-Boosting Bonuses

You won’t find your “golden gooses” in every objection. So, the key is developing a lot of potential bonuses…

And narrowing it down from there.

Here’s a 4-step process for doing so:

1. List out as many objections as you can

Problems, false beliefs, and any other obstacles you can think of should also go on the list.

To unearth those, you’ve got to do your homework and get to know your ideal prospects. So, go where they hang out, talk to them directly, browse your competitors’ reviews, etc.

Make the effort and creating a list of at least 10 objections will be as easy as pie.

For example, when I did this for my “Piano in 21 Days Course,” some things came up over and over again. Like:

  • “I want to be able to play the melody on the piano too.”
  • “I don’t have time.”
  • “What if I struggle with hand coordination?”
  • “I don’t have enough money.”
  • “I’m too old.”
  • “I’m not musically gifted.”

There were a lot more — but you get the drift. Do your market research, and you’ll have more than enough objections to work with.

2. Present your solution to every objection 

If you’re an expert in your field, this should be easy. Just showcase how your course removes the objection…

And the value it creates for your prospects.

3. Enhance your solution to each objection

This step is tricky for most course creators. Because the solution is so obvious and compelling to us…

We assume that’s the case for everyone.

It’s not. If you want your solution to inspire interest…

You have to go the extra mile and raise the intrigue and potential benefits to a whole new level.

4. Cherry-pick the best bonus ideas and determine how you’ll create & deliver them.

Choosing the best bonus ideas again comes down to knowing your market and their needs. 

But you should also consider practicality…

Meaning giving more “points” to compelling bonuses you can easily create and deliver. 

And when it comes to delivery, the sky is the limit, really. 

You can do extra course content, workbooks, checklists, scripts, templates, etc. It can even be some sort of interaction, like email support, extra 1-on-1 coaching sessions, or weekly Q&A sessions.

Get creative and consider what kind of structure would best fit your prospects’ needs…

And help them reach your course’s promised outcome as frictionlessly as possible.

Okay, now that you know the steps, let me walk you through completing them on a real-life example from my “Piano In 21 Days” course.


The 4-Step Conversion-Boosting Bonus Creation Method In Action (Plus A Major Caveat)

Let’s take the first objection from the list in the previous section (“I want to be able to play the melody on the piano too.”) and give its solution a name.

The most effective way to do this is to simply reverse the problem.

In this case, we can just say:

“How To Play Melodies On Your Piano”

But this bonus name doesn’t sound nearly compelling or sexy enough. That’s why we must enhance it. 

To do this, think of ways to make your prospect think:

“I need this,” or “I must learn more.”

Don’t be afraid to put a lot of ideas out there — at least one will be a hit. For me and the objection above, it was the following:

“Melody & Ear Training In 21 Days”

See how simple yet alluring it is. And how it perfectly removes the underlying objection.

Keep in mind I’m not making these claims hypothetically. I actually have a bonus with this very name, and it’s done wonders for my conversion rates. 

Also, note that I chose this bonus in Step 4 of the process because of how frequently the objection popped up. This confirms that listening to your market and your instincts as the creator & expert is the key to nailing Step 4…

And choosing a bonus that will both make a difference and not be overly consuming to create.

Finally, here’s the major caveat I teased in the section’s headline: 

Make sure the bonuses you go with don’t sound like extra work. Nobody wants that. 

Instead, the prospects should see them as something that makes the journey to their desired outcome faster, easier, and/or cheaper.



Bonuses can be an amazing tool for boosting conversions without much extra work on your end. But for that to happen, you must ensure they both solve a major buying objection…

And that prospects perceive them as amazing extra value. 

In other words, your bonuses should paint a clear vision of reaching the desired outcome quicker and easier in the prospect's mind.

So, here's to using the 4-step creation method I outlined above to smoothly create bonuses that meet these requirements…

And make it almost impossible for your ideal prospects to pass on your offer. 

I'm rooting for you.