How to Make Your Online Course OFFER Irresistible

Aug 28, 2023

"I'd be crazy to not sign up for this."

We all want our ideal customer to feel that irresistible pull when they hear our offer.

But how?

Today, I'm going to teach you to craft an offer for your online course that is very hard to refuse. A way to help more people say "yes" and sell more courses.

Here’s what you need: consistent course sales: traffic, a sales funnel, an offer, and your course.

Course creators often spend the least amount of time and effort on crafting their offer. The result? A weak offer and little to no sales.

Here's how you can put together an irresistible offer for your online course so you can sell more courses:

Step 1: Sell the outcome, not the features.

I don’t care how many hours of video content you have, or that your course is “easy to consume”.

Those are nice features, but features don’t sell.

People pay for outcomes. For transformation.

When I market my own course, I don’t waste time talking about my “amazing online piano course” or the “10 hours of 4k video content.” I don’t go on and on about “easy to consume exercises.” 

Instead, I talk about how you can “learn to play your favorite songs on the piano in 3 weeks… even if you’ve never touched one before,” aka the dream outcome that my students can achieve.

As a course creator you probably love talking about features. After all, you made those features! You’re proud of them. I get it.

But your ideal customer cares way more about the outcome they can get from those features.

So sell the outcome, not the features.

Step 2: Your bonuses should not feel like work.

I once worked with a couple who included 16 bonuses when someone purchased their course.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good bonus.

But we figured out that people weren’t buying their offer because they felt overwhelmed. It was too much time and effort to sift through those bonuses to reach their desired outcome.

By eliminating half the bonuses from their offer, this couple made way more sales.

Your bonuses should make the outcome feel easier or faster. Not like another set of tasks or homework to get through.I think the guy that wrote the book on offers will agree on this one:

Step 3: Don't be afraid of killer guarantees.

Most course creators I work with don’t know how to set up a guarantee that protects them and their customers. They’re afraid of being taken advantage of.

“I can’t do a 30-day refund policy, Jacques… that’s too long! How about 3 days?”

“If my guarantee is too long or too enticing, everyone will take advantage of it. I won’t make any money!”

The truth is that if your program actually delivers on the outcome you promise (remember step 1 above), you have nothing to worry about.

I worked with a guy whose courses help nurse practitioners open their own practices. He offers a lifetime unconditional guarantee on every course he sells. He’s sold thousands of copies of his courses, bringing in 7-figures a year.

Guess how many refund requests he’s ever gotten? Three.

If his experience is any indication, including a great guarantee reassures the buyer and makes you more sales.

Step 4: Use one of the top 2 forms of urgency for online courses.

Proper urgency has the power to 10x your course sales. What does  “proper'' mean? There are really two main forms of effective urgency.

First of all, you make your entire offer go away. This type of urgency is all about availability or lack thereof.

Secondly, you make a discount go away. Urgency is created as the price goes up.

Both forms of urgency can work insanely well. Which you pick depends on what you’re comfortable with and which resonates more with your ideal customers.

Review these 4 steps to make sure you’re putting the most compelling offer in front of your ideal customer.