What Having A Profitable Business Has Allowed Me To Do

May 23, 2024

It never was (just) about the money for me… 

It was about the opportunity to live the life I’ve always wanted. 

You may have different aspirations. And you certainly have different passions.

But the thing is, if you create a profitable course business the right way — it will lead to satisfying your passions and desires.

That’s definitely what happened to me. Not overnight, but I did find success.

So, today, I want to show you how having a profitable course business has changed my life…

And let you get a glimpse of the almost infinite possibilities creating one for yourself opens.

All with one goal in mind:

To motivate & inspire you to put in the work and give it your all to reach your vision of success and a dream life.

Let’s dive into it.


Location Freedom: Be Wherever You Want Whenever You Want

Not having to be physically present in an office was really life-changing for me. Especially after working as a full-time engineer.

So, in 2016, as my course business lit up, the first thing my family and I did was spend three months living in a small town in France.

We chose France because it had always been a dream. And the three-months part was because you need a visa for anything longer than that 😊 Plus, it was a test to see if we wanted to live there long-term.

Turns out we didn’t. But we did love the experience of traveling all around France and attending legendary events.

The Hopkins family waiting for the 2016 Tour de France.

Obviously, this isn’t something I could do with a “normal” full-time job. Same goes for the 4-6-week road trips we regularly go on.

Sure, I’ve got to do some work on the road, and you should consider that part when thinking about traveling the world as a course creator…

But a little work here and there doesn’t take away much from the incredible benefit of turning your life into an adventure.

And an adventure is exactly what we have planned for 2025:

The idea is to pull the kids out of school to homeschool them, buy an RV, and hit the road full-time. 

Temporarily, of course — but it will be an amazing family moment for us.

The gist is that having a profitable course business enables you to live a full life…

Regardless of what “full” means to you.


Financial Freedom: Have The Means For The Life You Have Always Wanted

Money isn’t everything, sure. But it is a prerequisite for many things in life…

And having enough of it takes away many worries while opening up a host of opportunities.

That’s exactly what having a profitable course business did for me. 

On top of the location freedom, I make more money than being a full-time engineer. Enough so that my wife doesn’t have to work, which enables all that traveling.

Plus, I get to help others more than ever before too — my charity donations are continuously growing. 

Again, the above motivations don’t have to be your drivers. There are no “musts” – whatever fulfills you goes.

Build your course the right way, and money won’t be the thing stopping you from getting there. 


Time Freedom: Make Your Schedule Based SOLELY On Your Preferences

Look, when I worked a full-time job, I really liked my boss and had a great relationship with him…

But not having to answer to anyone is a whole other dimension. 

Imagine asking for a few weeks off on top of standard paid vacation time at a “regular” job. That just isn’t realistic and shouldn’t be expected even from the best boss in the world.

But when you’re a course creator, you can set up your schedule however you want.

For example, I only take meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I can also focus on my hobbies, like tennis, working out, etc., at opportune times. Like hitting the gym when it’s nearly empty because everyone’s at work.

There’s also another crucial aspect for me:

Spending time with my family.

I’m there at all my kids’ events — field trips, plays, various performances, you name it. This was a perk once reserved for stay-at-home parents…

But being a successful course creator gets you there while also putting money in your bank account. 

Basically, you earn more while having more free time on your hands.

This won’t always be the case, especially when you’re building your course business. But do it right, and all that hard work will get you there.


Tangible Impact & Unlocking New, Unexpected Opportunities

Again, I liked my job as an engineer — it was fun & paid well. 

But I never felt like showing up for work makes any difference or affects anyone’s life in a meaningful way.

On the other hand, as a course creator, I get emails from people I’ve never met and who bought my piano course virtually every day saying piano was a lost cause for them…

But that my method & course turned it around for them. An attached video of them playing the piano always makes my day. 

That very same course also let me uncover and build on another passion — helping course creators create successful course businesses.

So, I started a second business, one that has brought you to this article:

The Online Course Guy.

I’ve also been featured in a ton of books, podcasts, shows, etc. I don’t have to tell you how many doors this opens.

In a nutshell, the opportunities are limitless when you’re successfully doing the things you love…

And wake up every day feeling the difference you make in your life & the life of others.



Having a successful course business let me do everything I wanted and paved the way for living my dream life.

The road there wasn’t easy — roadblocks, tough moments, and seemingly insurmountable challenges abounded…

But I got there.

Here's to you doing the same, but with a lot less friction thanks to the experience and guidance of those who walked the road before you.

I’m rooting for you.