My #1 Strategy To 10x Your Daily Productivity

May 16, 2024

Focus Sessions. Or Coworking Sessions, as some call them.

Sounds “meh,” I know. But since we started doing these in my Genesis and Next Level Coaching groups about a month ago, the productivity of all members who participated (including mine) has skyrocketed.  

Things we never found the time to start/finish got done. Plus, we really enjoyed the process.

So, today, I want to show you exactly how focus sessions work and why they are so effective. You’ll also hear my students’ insights about the experience…

And discover how to organize focus sessions & reap all the benefits for free. Even if you aren’t a member of my (or any other) coaching group. 

Let’s dive into it. 


What Can Focus Sessions Help You Accomplish

In a nutshell, they are designed for one thing:

Help you finally get your procrastinated work done. And in good company.

But Focus Sessions aren’t mere group calls. They are all about you getting YOUR thing done while being motivated and held accountable by others in a similar boat.

You can use Focus Sessions to complete virtually any task. Work projects, coursework, housework — you name it. 

But the key to maximizing productivity is focusing on a SINGLE task, project, idea, etc., with a defined timeframe. And with a clear idea of what “finished” looks like so it’s easy for everyone to tell if you got there.

Now, the task should be something you have trouble starting and/or completing on your own… 

Not something you do with ease and gusto. 

This is critical because Focus Sessions (as the name implies) laser-focus your attention on that single task and help you stick to your intentions…

While removing all potential distractions. 

To ensure this happens, there are certain best practices you should follow. Procrastination coach Grace Broduer, who uses Focus Sessions as a key productivity pillar of her program, passed them on to me and my students.

Now, let me pass them on to you.


How To Organize Focus Sessions In A Way That Maximizes Productivity

Here are 4 steps to creating an optimal Focus Session experience:

1. Choose a location for your Focus Sessions.

All you need to conduct a Focus Session is an internet connection and an app like Zoom or Google Meet. There’s also an app dedicated specifically to creating the best Focus Session experience, which I’ll introduce later.

The gist is choosing a spot you feel safe in and will keep coming back to. 

2. Keep your camera on

This isn’t a hard rule, and Focus Sessions can work with cameras off.

But it does maximize the accountability effect because it makes you feel like others can see if you’re doing the thing you committed to.

3. Define a session host (leader)

This host has two main duties:

Starting the session by asking everyone what they will be working on…

And ending the session by following up with each participant and asking them to share their progress & experience.

See how this infuses accountability and intentionality into the process?

Plus, there’s that all-needed social pressure incentive.

4. Set a clear timeframe you stick to without fail

You don’t have to stay on a session from start to finish. And can check in or leave at any time. 

But doing so both hampers the accountability & intentionality parts…

And affects the community relationship.

When you block out a time period in advance and dedicate it to a specific task…

The chances of actually getting it done instantly increase.

This is why I block out the same two hours for the sessions I host. But give AM and PM options to accommodate different needs.

Look, there are no rock-hard rules you must follow to make a Focus Session work. The gist is creating an environment that ensures all participants get their tasks done.

The above guidelines have done this for my students and the people I learned from. So, they can also be a great starting point for you.

Now, I get it if all these promises of superior productivity still sound unrealistic. But there are reasons (backed by science) why Focus Sessions work, no matter how “unsexy” they sound.

Let’s check these reasons out. 


The Science Behind The Productivity Boost Focus Sessions Create

The accountability and focus these sessions bring is out of this world. You just can't help but get the thing you committed to done or make tangible progress.

First of all, blocking off time on your schedule is powerful in itself. 

Then, doing it with other people who are both there for you as support and a check-up factor that keeps you accountable. 

Finally, having a leader who checks everyone’s progress publicly raises accountability through the roof.

In other words, the productivity during focus sessions is insane. At least it has been for me and my students. Heck, I've even created the draft for this article on a focus session.

But there’s more to it than just our experience. 

Scientifically, the "secret" behind why Focus Sessions work so well productivity-wise lies in the power of behavioral triggers activated in the process.

We humans are hardwired to respond to these in an almost irresistible and predictable manner. 

Here are 5 such behavioral triggers well-organized focus sessions activate, thereby guaranteeing a productivity boost:

1. Precommitment

When you block off concrete time to do a specific task and commit to a specific person/group…

You're more ambitious and likely to pursue that task. 

It's no longer generic, like “I'll write a newsletter next week.” Instead, it’s concrete: 

“I’ll write a newsletter on Wednesday with John at 9 AM for 2 hours.” 

Your psyche will have a much harder time backing out of this. In fact, it will push you both to do it and to do it better.

2. Implementation intentions

This is a term straight out of the behavioral scientist’s textbook. In plain English, it means you clearly state HOW you'll do the task.

So, in my newsletter example, I can state I’ll review my topic list and write possible intros for the three best ideas.

Now you have a clear intention and goal to aim for.

3. Social Pressure

No need to go deep into explaining this one — you know exactly how you feel in your stomach about backing down from something you promised.

You'd do anything to avoid that feeling. 

So, in a Focus Session, you’ll do your best to do the thing you committed to. And avoid explaining to everyone why you didn’t actually do it when it’s recap time. 

4. Accountability

This ties into the social pressure aspect:

You don’t want to be perceived as that person people can't trust to hold up their end of the agreement.

5. Specificity

The more you concretize the task and how and when you'll get it done…

The more likely you are to do it. 

Plus, you'll be able to figure out exactly how much time & energy you need for each task segment. And optimize how you approach them in the future.

Combine these five triggers with stimulating the release of the four key productivity chemicals in your brain (dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, and endorphins)…

And you’ll reach the so-called “flow state” during Focus Sessions. 

These are long stretches of intensive focus that, according to scientific research, are unparalleled productivity-wise…

And can significantly boost your ability to be creative & original while also being efficient.

Okay, now that you know why Focus Sessions can do wonders for your productivity levels, let me show you exactly how you can reap all these benefits — for free.


How To Easily Organize Productive Focus Sessions Without Reaching Into Your Pocket

Basically, all you need is an accountability partner (or several) you hop on a video call with and follow the above guidelines. This can be a friend, family member, coworker, etc.

But I recognize finding such partners can be challenging. If that’s your case, check out Focusmate (not an affiliate link). 

It helps you connect with others in search of partners and is free for up to 3 Focus Sessions a week. 

I’m not an affiliate, but Focusmate sounds like a thing I’d try if I didn’t have reliable accountability partners for Focus Sessions.


What My Students And Your Fellow Course Creators Say About The Focus Session Experience

People in my private coaching groups have both enjoyed and gotten massive value from the Focus Sessions we organized. 

I’ll let them speak for themselves:



Focus Sessions are a science-backed way to boost your productivity and finally complete your most dreaded tasks.

My students and I have experienced their power firsthand. And so have many other entrepreneurs & successful people.

Plus, it doesn’t cost you anything to at least put them to the test.

So, here’s to finding perfect accountability partners and organizing Focus Sessions that make a tangible difference both in your bottom line and satisfaction levels.

I’m rooting for you.