You Won’t Make A Sale Without A “Yes” To These 2 Questions

Apr 11, 2024

Yet so many course creators don't even know what the 2 questions are…

Let alone how to ensure their sales funnel forms a clear “Yes” to them in prospects’ minds.

Today, I want to show you how you can get these “yesses” for your course business. And ensure you truly understand what makes a sales funnel “high-converting.” 

Let's dive into it.


The Key Element Of Every High-Converting Sales Funnel

The most common mistake I see among course creators is this:

They send traffic immediately to their course’s sales page.

This is a big no-no. If you want to increase your conversion rates — you have to set up a sales funnel in between.

And not just any funnel will do. It must be a combination of web pages, videos, and emails…

That builds trust and rapport with your potential customers…

And leads them to your offer and the sale in a non-salesy way.

It’s embarrassing for how long I didn’t have a sales funnel (or even know what it was) for my “Piano In 21 Days” course. The moment I set one up by the instructions of a guest on a podcast I was very fond of at the time…

My business went from a consistent $1,000 to a consistent $10,000 a month. With the exact SAME traffic & course.

The differentiating element of the instructions that 10Xed my business can be summed up in getting “yesses” to the 2 questions I’ve been teasing since the headline:

1. Can I Do This?

2. Is This Person And Their Program The Perfect Way For Me To Do This?

Now, let me show you why these questions are so crucial for your conversion rates…

And how you can get your ideal prospects to say “Yes” to them.

(Quick tip: What type of funnel you run isn’t nearly as critical as ensuring it gets a “Yes” to the 2 key questions. But if you’re wondering what to go with, the two best-performing funnel types I see right now in the online course world are the “Evergreen Webinar” and “Free Course” funnels.)


Getting A “Yes” To Question 1: How Do You Convince Prospects That They Are Capable Of Achieving The Desired Outcome

Look, people must really believe they can get to the dream outcome you’re promising. If they don’t, you’ll never get them to pull out their wallets... 

No matter how good your features & benefits are.

Take my “Piano In 21 Days” course, for example. If by the time I ask someone to make the purchase, they don’t believe it’s possible to learn to play the piano…

They won’t buy any kind of piano course. Much less mine.

To build that belief, you must unearth and crush any other false beliefs and misconceptions prospects have. Or help them overcome any past failures that relate to your niche.

The key is understanding your prospects’ train of thought regarding the possibility of achieving the dream outcome you promise. When you do that, you can compose messaging (via emails, web pages, social posts, etc.) intended to get that train to think:

“Yes, I can do this.”

Remember, you must do this BEFORE you ask for the sale. That’s why an all-encompassing sales funnel is critical — it lets you both attract your ideal prospects…

And ensure they are ready & eager to hear your offer. 

But getting people to believe they can reach their dream outcome is just one part of the puzzle. Now you must show them why your course is the best way to do so.

That’s where the second question comes in.


Getting A “Yes” To Question 2: How Do You Ensure Prospects See Your Course As The Perfect Way To Reach Their Dream Outcome

Your messaging must ensure people don’t just get the “I can do this” epiphany…

And then use someone else’s solution to turn that epiphany into reality.

So, for my “Piano In 21 Days” course, the sales funnel had to ensure prospects see me as the perfect (if not only) guy for quickly learning to play the piano.

I did this by offering relevant advice in my messaging and giving people free guides, demos, etc. To do the same for your course, ask yourself this:

What kind of message and/or material can implant a vision of me effortlessly guiding the prospect to the desired outcome in their mind?

This doesn’t need to be one message, PDF, or whatever. In fact, you should have an entire collection that addresses very specific objections and inspires belief in your method. 

Because not every prospect has the same doubts or can be swayed by the same things.

So, the key is once again knowing your target audience to the core. Add knowing what kind of claims the competition makes and how believable they are…

And you will form a basis for crafting compelling arguments that get people to think:

“This is my kind of person and course.”



The type of funnel you use, how long it lasts, the common hacks gurus swear by, etc., are secondary to getting a “Yes” to these two questions:

1. Can I Do This?

2.  Is This Person And Their Program The Perfect Way For Me To Do This?

Because if your prospect believes the desired outcome is within their grasp…

And is convinced you are the best person to get them to it…

Your chances of getting the sale skyrocket.

So, here’s to crafting a sales funnel with messages optimized to “implant” such beliefs in your prospects’ minds…

And get you more conversions from the same traffic.

I’m rooting for you.