123: What Your Online Course WEBSITE Should Look Like

Websites: if you don’t have one already, you probably are thinking about creating one. Having your own website is an important part of building your web presence, but not every course creator approaches this the same way. My website has evolved a lot over time, in part thanks to Greg Merrilees and his team at Studio1Design. That’s why I had Greg on the show today. We’re talking all things related to online course websites!

"Look at your data to figure what’s working… and be prepared for it to change."

- Greg Merrilees

Greg had some awesome tips about how to identify your website needs as an online course creator. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

In This Episode, We Talked About: 

  • (2:09) Web design and finding balance
  • (3:04) How my web design choices have evolved with my business
  • (10:45) Introducing Greg and what he does
  • (13:19) Is it important for course creators to have a full website?
  • (16:13) Why I stopped designing my own websites
  • (18:09) Must-haves for great conversion rates (and examples from my own website)
  • (25:18) Observations on some big website mistakes
  • (28:51) Where does Greg see web content going in the future?
  • (32:23) Something I’ve been testing recently on my website
  • (34:04) What to expect when working with Greg
  • (35:48) The value of social proof
  • (42:47) Final thoughts from Greg
  • (44:04) David and I discuss takeaways from today’s interview

Thanks for listening and learning along with me today. Stay tuned for another great episode coming soon!