069: Tim Topham on Memberships vs One Time Fee

I’m back with another piano-related episode, this time with Tim Topham! Tim’s focused on the piano teacher niche, a departure from the other piano course creators I’ve spoken with so far. We had a great conversation that you’re sure to benefit from if you’re a new or aspiring course creator yourself.

"Get yourself out there. If I’m going to follow you [online], I want to see your picture and know more about you."

-Tim Topham

Tim shared some great perspectives on creating online communities, building authority in your niche, and more. I hope you enjoy what you hear!

In This Episode, We Talked About:

  • (4:50) When and how the idea to create an online course first came to Tim
  • (7:26) What the transition from blogging successfully to building traffic for his course looked like
  • (9:04) Market saturation and how to set niche content apart from competitors
  • (12:35) The steps Tim took to make his online course a reality
  • (15:02) What he would (and would not) do differently if he was starting over today
  • (17:33) How observing the way students use Tim’s content led him to switch to a different pricing model
  • (22:42) Tim’s emphasis on building community for piano teachers online
  • (24:26) How many active subscribers he currently has
  • (25:28) His perspective on how to become an authority in your market
  • (27:09) How Tim has developed a professional-looking presence on the web over time
  • (29:27) His advice for aspiring course creators
  • (30:29) His current biggest struggle in his business
  • (34:10) Tim’s final thoughts and advice

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back soon with more cool tips and great insights from fellow course creators – don’t forget to subscribe!