200: Pat Flynn & Jacques Discuss a Revolutionary New Way to do Courses

In this episode, we explore the world of online courses and communities with Pat Flynn, from "Smart Passive Income". Pat is a seasoned entrepreneur who has learned from his experiences in building online courses that offer accountability and commitment to help people achieve specific results, quickly. Pat shares his journey of developing a community-powered course to solve scalability issues and increase engagement, all while building relationships with each other.

Key Takeaways:

- The importance of creating a sustainable channel that keeps subscribers engaged.

- The success of personalized, cohort-based courses for students.

- Combining cohort-based and online courses to create scalable, personalized learning experiences.

- The value of understanding team members' Enneagram types to improve communication and foster collaboration.

- Creating videos that appeal to the audience, rather than just aiming to satisfy the algorithm.

- The value of integrating the community's value into online courses to increase engagement and promote completion rates.

- The success of online courses in scaling teaching to help multiple people achieve their desired results. 

Key Moments:

 - Pat shares his experience in developing online courses and communities.

- How personalized courses and Enneagram personality and preferences helped improve the way the team works together.

- The importance of creating videos that appeal to the audience to capture their attention and increase engagement.

- Understanding community values and integrating them into online courses to create better learning experiences.

- The impact of sustainable online courses on scaling and achieving specific results to solve problems.


Building sustainable online courses and communities that serve is crucial in this digital age. Pat Flynn’s experience in developing personalized, cohort-based courses and Community Powered courses highlight the importance of engaging subscribers and promoting completion rates. Intertwining the community’s values into courses has helped create a better learning experience and increased engagement. These insights help entrepreneurs to create scalable and effective courses that achieve tangible results to solve problems.