201: How She Generated $1 Million in Course Sales in Less Than 2 Years (featuring Dr. Rachel Gainsbrugh)

In this episode, host Jacques Hopkins talks with Dr. Rachel Gainesborough, a healthcare professional who was able to make a million dollars in just two years by selling online courses on short-term property rentals.

Jacques and Rachel cover a range of topics around creating and selling online courses, including validating your idea, conducting market research, and the importance of offering high-value services. They also discuss the right and wrong ways to create online courses, with Jacques sharing his expertise on how to succeed with your online course business.

Rachel shares her journey to becoming an online course creator, from experiencing burnout in healthcare to realizing the potential of making money through real estate investing and coaching. She emphasizes the benefits of offering free value to foster goodwill and build relationships within parallel groups.

Jacques and Rachel dive into the details of Rachel's different course offerings and how she discovered what her audience wanted with lead magnets, ultimately leading to the success of her signature course.

Join Jacques and Rachel as they discuss how to get started with creating and selling online courses, and avoid common mistakes along the way.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Validate your idea and conduct market research before creating an online course.
  • Fostering goodwill and building relationships within parallel groups is key for success.
  • Lead magnets can gather qualified leads and help you discover what your audience wants.
  • Offering high-value services can lead to charging more for those services.
  • Success of your course is measured by the success of your students.