202: Email Deliverability, Email List Housekeeping, & More About Email! (featuring Kay Peacey)

On this episode of The Online Course Show, Jacques Hopkins interviews email deliverability expert Kay Peacey about how to improve email deliverability, housekeeping best practices for email lists, and more. Kay offers great advice on how to immediately improve email deliverability through basic steps and best practices, and dispels common misconceptions about email deliverability. She also discusses her membership model for ActiveCampaign users, including courses, a support community, and personalized assistance with her and her team. Listeners can also learn about personalized video messaging software, Bonjouro, and get a discount code. This is a must-listen for anyone interested in email marketing and running a successful online course business. 

Topics covered in the podcast episode:
1. Email deliverability- Deliverability tools are available for improving email deliverability- Basic steps and best practices can improve deliverability immediately- Even expensive deliverability tools need to be implemented with basic steps
2. Online courses- Online courses can be a profitable business- Podcast focused on helping course creators succeed
3. Guest- The guest for this episode is an email deliverability expert who specializes in ActiveCampaign software- Bonjouro for customer engagement
4. Successful email delivery- Importance of accurate and recognizable sender information- Setting clear expectations early on can help prevent spam folder- Building trust with mailbox providers
5. Software used- ActiveCampaign- Lifter LMS- WP Fusion- Circle Communities- Airtable- WooCommerce subscriptions
6. Monitoring engagement- Importance of monitoring open rates- Clicks are more important than open rates in identifying unengaged contacts- Using automation to keep in touch with members
7. Accelerated ActiveCampaign- A free training course to help people avoid common mistakes- Covers topics such as segments, tags, contacts, and automations in ActiveCampaign
8. Target audience- Small and medium businesses- Two levels of membership: essential and advanced
9. Membership vs course- The speaker initially struggled with the decision to create a membership or sell a course- She ultimately decided on a membership model
10. Deliverability course- Deliverability refers to the ability for emails to reach the inbox- There is a lot of misinformation about Deliverability which the speaker wants to dispel.