204: Building a Sustainable Online Presence: Moving Beyond Social Media Dependence (featuring Kyler Nixon)

On this episode of The Online Course Show, host Jacques Hopkins welcomes Kyler Nixon from Kyler Creative, a marketing agency that helps course creators increase sales. Kyler shares his insights on pricing psychology and common mistakes made by course creators, such as overpricing courses or lacking an understanding of competitor pricing. He emphasizes the importance of sustainable marketing systems like blogging and email marketing, and offers strategies for gathering email addresses and launching successful courses. Kyler also discusses the possibility of expanding course offerings through group coaching or additional courses. The episode dives into the process of creating courses, breaking it down into four phases for maximum success. The importance of building a big audience, offering free content, and monetizing through mid-ticket priced courses is also explored. This episode also includes a rundown of the top three most listened to episodes of The Online Course Show, and a shout-out to Kajabi as an all-in-one platform for online course businesses. The episode concludes with a discussion about using AI writing assistants like Jasper or chat GPT, the value of blogs for businesses, and the role of SEO in driving traffic to course websites. Tune in to gain valuable insights from Kyler Nixon and discover effective strategies to enhance your online course business!