207: How to SELL Your Course Business for 8 Figures (A Real World Case Study)

In this episode, we have a special guest, Jason Dion, joining us to discuss the intricacies of selling a business and the art of building a scalable online course.

Jason shares his expertise on determining the value of a business, negotiating the sale, and the importance of cultural fit when choosing a buyer. He walks us through his personal experience of selling his own company, revealing the considerations and challenges he faced along the way.

We also explore the dynamic e-learning market, discussing the rise of on-demand versus instructor-led learning and the impact of AI in content creation. Jason delves into the benefits and limitations of his own business model, offering insights on multiple product offerings and their impact on customer retention.

But that's not all! Jason takes us on a deep dive into the world of certifications with his new venture, Accolade. He reveals his plans to create internationally recognized certifications and the steps he's taking to position his brand as a leading certification provider.

Whether you're an online course creator, an aspiring entrepreneur, or simply intrigued by the ever-evolving world of e-learning, this episode is packed with valuable insights and actionable strategies.

So tune in to The Online Course Show as we bring you another engaging episode featuring Jason Dion. Get ready to take your knowledge and business to the next level!