211: $17k/mo Selling Courses While Working Full-Time at Amazon (Featuring Jasmine Katatikarn)

In this episode, we have a special guest, Jasmine Katatikarn, who is here to share her incredible journey of selling courses while working full-time at Amazon.

Jasmine launched a unique online and in-person animation program for after-school kids, based on her own academy. She identified a lack of diversity in the animation industry and sought to address it by extending her education pipeline to younger generations.

Jasmine shares her experience of conducting research, finding interest in her program, and using various tools to automate and improve customer experience. She also offers valuable insights into the mindset of selling, the importance of support systems, and the impact of personal networks.

Stay tuned as Jasmine dives into her journey of running a successful online course business while balancing a full-time job. Let's get started and learn from her inspiring story!