221: How She Earns $10k+ Per Month With a Super Tiny Email List (Featuring Aiko Hemingway)

Today, we have the incredible story of Aiko Hemingway. Despite having what many would consider a super tiny email list, her strategic steps have led her to earn over $10K a month. Aiko has brilliantly leveraged her influence to build a successful and profitable business.

Aiko shares her journey from Udemy to her decision to focus exclusively on a niche market of Japanese executives looking to improve their English pronunciation, and how this precision targeting has been a game-changer for her business.

Aiko doesn't keep her strategies a secret – she's here to detail how she's made a significant impact with a minimal subscriber base both on her email list and YouTube channel. You'll learn about her transition from one-on-one coaching to automated courses, her use of evergreen webinars, and the rigorous process she undertook to give a successful TEDx talk.

If you're looking to learn how to maximize your earnings with high conversion rates without needing a massive following, this episode is filled with actionable insights. And for those of you seeking to take your online course business to the next level, don’t forget to check out our free training at Let's dive in with Aiko Hemingway and discover the secret to her remarkable success.

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