222: 4 Tips to Explode Course Sales with a Podcast (Featuring Kevin Chemidlin)

In today’s episode, we're talking with the incredibly insightful Kevin Chemidlin, about how to explode your course sales with podcasting.

Kevin embarked on his entrepreneurial journey from scratch – no email list, no following, no audience, and no budget. Fast forward to today, and he’s achieved incredible success.

Kevin credits his growth to a single transformative strategy: The Podcast Ladder.

It's a powerful approach used for podcasts, YouTube, and other long-form platforms that catapulted his business to new heights. He give us a detailed walkthrough of each of the 4 steps.

We also tackle the hot debate of repurposed content versus catchy, bespoke short-form clips, to drive engagement and explore how the right strategy can hook listeners and turn them into course customers.

Even if you’re not a podcaster, you won't want to miss Kevin's key insights on using strategic calls to action to guide listeners through different sales processes.

So get ready to ascend Kevin's "podcast ladder," and tune in to this masterclass as a launchpad for your online course success!

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