223: $30K/mo In Less Than A Year Teaching Bookkeeping (Featuring Susan Osborne)

Today, we have the pleasure of diving into the remarkable story of Susan Osborne, who skyrocketed her online bookkeeping course business to an astonishing $30K per month in less than a year.

Susan teaches the art of freelance bookkeeping from the comfort of home, primarily to women entrepreneurs, and has conquered the world of online courses and savvy marketing.

As we unpack Susan's journey, you'll learn about her strategic use of Facebook ads, starting with a budget-friendly boot camp and clever upselling to more comprehensive courses.

Susan talks candidly about overcoming imposter syndrome, the psychological hurdles of pricing, and give some actionable advice to course creators just starting out.

So tune in, take notes, and let's discover how Susan transformed her expertise into a thriving digital academy, one ledger at a time.

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