228: $300k Per Year Teaching Public Speaking (Featuring Kit Pang)

Meet today’s special guest, Kit Pang, who has turned his passion for public speaking into a thriving business, earning him $300K per year. Kit shares his remarkable journey from being a dance instructor to an authority in the public speaking niche.

He provides an in-depth look at how he successfully transitioned from one-on-one coaching to online courses, using platforms like Eventbrite and Meetup to build his audience and navigate the complexities of working with both companies and individuals.

We'll dive into Kit's strategies for overcoming speaking anxiety, optimizing his sales funnel, and the importance of mindset shifts in conquering fear. You'll hear about his approach to teaching public speaking and extending his reach globally, despite being branded as "Boston Speaks."

Whether you're an aspiring course creator or looking to improve your public speaking skills, this episode is packed with actionable takeaways. So, tune in and get inspired by Kit Pang's incredible story and expertise!

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